About this class

This hybrid course introduces upper-level art students to the field of illustration with an emphasis on creative problem-solving, visual storytelling, collaborative critique, and professional communication. Students will be expected to integrate basic design principles with drawing skills to produce complex visual solutions to problems posed. All students must work independently on projects and share both work-in-progress and finished work online. Reliable access to the internet is required for this course.

389 Students: please begin by reading the content contained in the submenus under this page. (Click on the + at left if you don’t see them.) That includes downloading a copy of our course syllabus, making sure you have the required technology in place, and wrapping your head around the hybrid nature of this course.

This website supports ART 389 РSpecial Topics in Illustration taught in the spring of 2019 at St. Norbert College. Unless otherwise noted, the work here belongs to the artists who posted it and may not be used without their permission.

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