For my final project, I wanted to create surface design because I think creating patterns are really interesting and fun to do. For the surface design, I am focusing on an object which is using beers bottles and for my theme. I am putting my surface design on the stationery because stationery is an object that we use every day, the design on the item is changing all the time, to create new design can get people’s attention.

I came up with these sketches, I was planning to create more object to relate to beers and pick 3-4 sketches into two different surface design. However, I got feedback from others to narrow down a little bit instead of using all of the sketches that I have here or add more of the product as well like hops or other ingredients.

On the first idea of my design, I decided to pick beer bottles with wheat to focus on, I adding the word BEER to point out those are the beer bottle. Before I organized the patterns, I photoshop the sketches into kind of cartoon style because want my two pattern looks differently. I want my beer bottles to stand out a little more so I added some shadow behind it.

For the second design, I did two different types of beer glasses and add some smaller elements like little foam bubbles on top of the glasses. The arrange of the beer glasses are arranged in order. When I was creating, I want the design to look funnier. Therefore, when you look closer to the patterns, you can find one of the beer glass is almost empty and it is not boring to watch.

The target audience for these products would be at the stationery shop or bookstore. I think there are a lot of people are interesting in funny or eccentric design in right now world because these are more conspicuous and special. I did this is a mockup for my final surface design on the notebook and it is for anyone who wants to take note or write a journal.

overall, I do like how these patterns turn out but I wish I could make it scaled up a little bit, seems my sketches were smiled so it got blurry when I make it bigger. I will counting making surface design for my future work and apply my design on daily produce or iteams.