Skeleton Summer Pattern Swatch
Skeleton Summer Tote Bag Mock-up
Orange Juice Pattern Swatch
Orange Juice Notebook Mock-up

My process for creating these patterns is that I come up with an initial object or theme that I’d like to illustrate, and then compose it in a way that would work as a repeating pattern. I used the cut-paper “wallpaper” method, where I drew out the design, cut and flipped it, and filled in the rest to create a tile that would be able to repeat. I wanted to be able to take my usual skills in illustrating fun characters and simple objects, and turn it into a visually intriguing pattern. The Skeleton Summer pattern is my “hero” pattern, and then the secondary pattern takes from the juice box present in the hero pattern and makes it the main focus.

These two patterns have bright colors and the feeling of summer, but can be used throughout the year. The fun themes of skeletons doing summer activities and the pleasant but simple juice boxes make these patterns great for all ages, and my intended audiences is for those who enjoy illustrative patterns and an appreciation for bright colors, for kids and adults alike. Since these are summer themed, they would be perfect for tote bags, beach towels, umbrellas, etc. They also have the bright colors and detail that would work great as stationary, kids’ notebooks and folders, and phone cases.